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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Although I do not have any concrete thoughts about who may be the next pontifical leader, it stands to reason that more transparency is needed.  I agree that from what I know and sense about it much more will be coming out about the scandals that needs purging.  My hope is that status quo will be tossed out even if the most likely choice will be someone hyper-conservative.  My hope also is that the Spirit will be fully active as she was during Vat II and surprise us all. 
Yes, asking for forgiveness and admitting that chidren have been abused by priests still needs to be clearly stated.  Well, and another thing that needs transparency is for the Vatican to have a few gay cardinals 'come out' publicly.  We know they are in there and most people would embrace that wholeheartedly--how would that be a super healing moment!!
 Talking about sexuality in an open manner would also be a huge shift and one that could be paradigmatic without knocking down any huge walls, but clear the way for dialogue on the other issues.
Benedict is a brilliant theologian and I am sure he's been thinking about this resignation thing for a long time -- his 'school-buddy' Hans Kung (Vatican III: The Work that Still needs to be Done) has been calling for term limits for popes since 1974, so perhaps this is an act in that direction.
The marginalized--absolutely need to have a voice and all the lashing out at those who love the church and have been 'abused' in other ways for standing up for righteousness and their consciences in prophetic disobedience must be reconciled!!  I think the fact that you were on Tavis' show is prophetic and standing in another kind of solidarity.
This is historic and certainly needs documenting.